Video: This Texas Teacher Fired for Hitting a Student Totally Looks Like She Would Hit a Student


The short and skinny of this story is that lady up there named Mary Hastings, who used to be a teacher in Beaumont, Texas, was fired for what happened in the video you are about to watch:

The bottom line of it is this: a large portion of what’s going on in our schools today isn’t just about dumbing kids down. It’s about making them respect authority no matter what, without question. To accept whatever they are told and however they are treated as long as the person who is doing it to them is in charge.

The reality is it doesn’t matter what kind of brat that kid was being or what he did to piss her off. Teachers can’t just go around setting an example by acting like childhood bullies and beating their students. Then she mocks him about how he can’t believe she did that. She is supposed to be an academic professional, or at the very least, the rational adult in the room.

People always watch videos like this and cheer on the authoritarians like they are heroes for putting some kid in his place, as if they aren’t helping to create a class of slaves. Sorry, but whether or not anyone believes that kid had it coming, this is not okay. And even if in some magical universe it was deemed okay, then where does that slippery slope end?

Can you imagine what it’s like to have to sit in that woman’s classroom all day with an attitude like that about the kids she’s supposed to be teaching? Makes it awfully hard to believe the crocodile teary eyes in the mugshot photo. What is she even sad about? She obviously either hates her job of having to put up with kids she can’t stand or she’s devastated she won’t get to smack other people’s kids whom she can’t stand around anymore.

Members of the Beaumont Independent School District voted unanimously to fire Hastings, who was arrested and charged with assault on the day of the incident.

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