Idiot Arrested for Felony Robbery After Stealing Soda in His Free McDonald’s Water Cup


In yet another idiotic crime…

An eighteen-year-old named Cody Morris and two of his friends had an inspired idea. Instead of pay the hefty $1.49 or so that a large soda costs, they went through the McDonald’s drive thru and ordered three large waters… a huge tip off because, really, who does that? Then they promptly dumped out the water, went into the restaurant, and attempted to fill the cups up with soda.

Kind of an obvious crime, yes? And they would’ve gotten away with it too… if it weren’t for the fact that it’s SUPER OBVIOUS.

But here’s where it goes from dumb to stupid, and I’m not entirely sure who wins the award for biggest fail.

The manager attempted to stop these guys as any manager surely would, and while two of the guys returned their stolen soda, Morris refused. They tried to leave anyway. That’s when the manager took it to a comical level and stood behind the trio’s car in an attempt to stop them from taking a $1.49 in soda.

Because he refused to budge and decided then and there to risk no less than his life over the defense of company product, the manager was hit by their car not once, but twice. First when the guys reversed into him because, well, he wouldn’t move, and a second time when the manager tried to snatch their keys through the driver’s window to keep them from leaving.

Again… not entirely sure who the dimmest bulb in the box is: the guy with a lame plan to risk jail time over something that costs a whopping $1.49, or the guy who would risk his entire life for something that literally costs less to the company than the cup it comes in.

The guys sped off and the twice-hit manager called the cops who quickly found and arrested Morris on a felony robbery charge.

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