Survival Buzz: How to Clean Cast Iron the Easy Way

How to Clean Cast Iron the Easy Way | Backdoor Survival

For the longest time I have been promising to share with you my number one tip for cleaning cast iron skillets.  Well finally, today is that day.

Let me begin at the beginning.  Six months ago, on a lark, I ordered this chain-like gizmo called “The Ringer”.  The purchase was based upon one of those “just for you” suggestions from Amazon and in a moment of weakness, I fell for it.  Little did I know that cleaning my cast iron skillets would become so easy.  Not that cleaning cast iron is difficult, mind you, but it can and does take some time.

How to Clean Cast Iron the Easy Way | Backdoor Survival

So here is the deal.  Pre Ringer, I would add a bit of water and salt to the dirty skillet and scrub.  If the pan was especially grungy, I would set it on the burner and bring the water to boil first.  This, in itself, is an effective way to loosen those crusty bits of food from the bottom of a cast iron skillet or pan.

With the Ringer, I skip both the boiling water and the salt.   Here are some photos so you can follow along.

How to Clean Cast Iron the Easy Way | Backdoor Survival

A crusty, dirty cast iron skillet.  BTW, the burgers were delicious.

How to Clean Cast Iron the Easy Way | Backdoor Survival

This is what the Ringer looks like in use.

For really big messes, you can also add water to pan before scrubbing caked on food residue.

How to Clean Cast Iron the Easy Way | Backdoor Survival

My skillets have never looked so good.  Not only that, I am not seeing any rust spots develop (it happens) and can only assume that the Ringer scrubs them away.  Before storing the pan, I give it a very light coating of coconut oil and I am done.  That’s it.  Start to finish, two to three minutes and no elbow grease.

I have written about cast iron a number of times in the past but think an update is long overdue.  Do you have a cast iron tip to share?  Let me know in the comments and if I get enough of them, I will use them in a roundup post.

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Backdoor Survival Mail Bag & Reader Tips

Two weeks ago John E. posted this tip in the comments of 39 Fantastic Prepping Tips.  It was too good to leave buried so I share it here for all to see:

A mistake many beginners make is to think that prepping has to be expensive.  It’s all about priorities, really.

The first thing that I had to ask myself when I decided to become a prepper is, “Are you serious about doing this?”  Would I pass up my morning latte? Not buy those chips that are bad for my health anyways?

All I needed to come up with when I started was an extra $5 a week, that’s all.  I think just about everybody can come up with that much cash, don’t you?

I had always loved going to the dollar store and Goodwill.  Now I took it to the next level and started prepping on the cheap with a vengeance.

Visited a dollar store lately?

It’s not just cheap trinkets or flimsy items that will break when you breathe on them.  Most of them actually have a surprising number of stuff that we preppers can use.  For example, you can pick up rice, beans, oats, and pasta all for a buck a bag.  For your five dollars, you will get a good head start on your long term food supply.

By the end of three months, you should have a pretty good stock of dry goods in your pantry, for probably less than $75 total.

One of the reasons I like to share reader tips is that the encouragement of others will often times give us that wee bit of motivation needed to take our preps, and our lives, really, to the next level.  Don’t you agree?


Ed has shared a unique tip for using a AAA battery in a device that holds AA batteries.  I have not tried this myself.

I did a 9 month wilderness experiment a couple of years ago and made the mistake of not packing enough AA batteries for my radio. I had plenty of AAA batteries, but AA’s were all gone, I found that by placing an AAA battery negative post down inside a .45 Colt cartridge it makes the AAA fit perfectly inside the battery compartment of the AA powered radio.


And last for today, this in from David.

I liked the comment about prepping being hard work, but to remember to live, love, laugh. Keeping your life in balance is critical.

This is something I personally struggle with daily.  Just when I think I have it covered, there is a disaster somewhere (or a government snafu) that puts me into ultra-prepper mode.  Perhaps that I why I play cheerleader so often; as much for myself as it is for you.

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The Final Word

Next week I hit the road and head back home to Washington State.  My fingers are crossed that I will have decent internet service along the way as well as when I get home. These days I never take internet service for granted which also means I never assume the proverbial “cloud” will be available.

For that reason, I have set aside an abundance of reference books and printed materials so that I will have them if and when the time comes. But that’s not all.  I also have numerous old laptops that are loaded up with electronic versions of my books, photos, and important documents. Some are ancient by today’s standards but they still work just fine and don’t take up a lot of room.  And yes, I do have the means to charge them when the grid goes down.

How about you?  How much redundancy do you have relative to your electronic books and other documents? And the biggest question of them all:  are you prepared to get by without the internet?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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