Art Teacher Fired for Using the Word “Vagina” in Front of Her 8th Grade Class


Kids these days have got to be screwed up getting their “education” from America’s politically correct agenda-driven public schools.

If you can’t say the anatomical name to describe a female body part to kids who are almost in high school, what are you supposed to say?

Substitute art teacher Allison Wint was recently fired from Harper Creek Middle School because she used the word “vagina … without previous approval,” a violation of the school’s policy on “discussing reproduction” according to the The school’s principal, Kim Thayer.

It was an art lesson on Georgia O’Keeffe paintings.

In case you aren’t familiar with O’Keeffe paintings, they look like this:

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 12.48.11 PM

It would be interesting to take a poll of Americans who know O’Keeffe’s work and see how many don’t describe her paintings this way. Buzzfeed actually did a test back in 2014 asking readers to judge if a set of pictures were Georgia O’Keeffe paintings… or actual vaginas.

Wint may have said the word a whole 10 times. In front of eighth graders. I’m sure they’re probably scarred for life.

This is the level of “politically correct” we are at: forcing everyone including eighth graders to use the same bathroom with, for example, grown men who dress like women is okay if not required by law and policy in many places, but saying the anatomically correct word for a female sexual organ in a completely non-vulgar way to 13-year-olds means termination from your job unless you send home notes to the parents (so they can opt their kids out of your class because you are going to say the word “vagina”) and getting prior administrative approval (for saying the word “vagina”).

This has gone so far that, at University of Texas – Austin, a campus police officer tried to ticket a street preacher for using the words “penis” and “anus” — both anatomically correct words, by the way — not even on the campus but close enough to it that it offended a sorority girl who overheard the words while walking down a school sidewalk.

A ticket for offending someone by using the correct word for a human body part in a regular context:

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