Illuminati Sacrifice? The Simpsons Predicted Prince Would Be Killed by Secret Agents in 2008


“Unfortunately there are certain stars who won’t do what we want…”

Sounds kind of like Prince, doesn’t it?

The phrase “Simpsons did it” has become a something of a joke, because in the nearly 30 years the cartoon has been on air, it has seemingly predicted a host of events, including the 9/11 attacks.

Now, it seems, The Simpsons is making headlines once again for predicting another sinister turn of events… Prince’s assassination.

The Treehouse of Horror XIX episode, which first aired in 2008, features Homer Simpson being approached by shadowy agents to become a celebrity assassin because “there are certain stars who won’t do what we want”. He sneaks backstage in the episode and kills Prince.

Check this out:

While we still don’t officially know what killed Prince, rumors are flying that it had something to do with his rejection of the Illuminati and fighting against the system. Conspiracies abound. Not too many people are buying the latest headlines that he just up and suddenly died of AIDS that he just found out he had only six months ago.

So… predictive programming or…?

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, here’s Prince calling out chemtrails in a TV interview:

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