Video: Missing the Point, Lady Goes off on Man Paying with Food Stamps at Walmart

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So, this happened:

While she may think she’s righteous here, this video just strikes me as all kinds of wrong for a number of reasons.

First off, her anger seems totally misplaced. That man didn’t make the rules. Telling him off in front of his wife and kid because they are buying groceries with food stamps isn’t going to change anything. He clearly says he has worked 50 hour weeks. Making a living wage isn’t exactly super easy these days in a country that has shipped most of the jobs overseas. The majority of Americans make below $35k a year these days and we have record numbers of people on food stamps because of it.

Which brings me to point two: irony. She’s shopping at Walmart, a place where most of the employees are on welfare and the company knows it and actually helps them apply for it… which, in turn, ultimately benefits Walmart.

Which leads to point three: Is she angry that, as Andrew Smith points out, multimillion-dollar corporations enjoy millions in welfare in the form of subsidies? You know who makes the most bank off of the food stamp and EBT card system in this country? Walmart. Walmart and mega banks like JP Morgan Chase. She’s fighting with this man over his food stamp allotment while the national debt is going to top $20 trillion before Obama is done and the military just keeps buying $412 million/piece fighter jets.

Finally, you just have to wonder if she has any idea how the money system in this country even works.

Dutchsinse summed it up with the following comment:

This woman doesn’t understand where money comes from, or how people are entitled to something if they pay in to something.

This man, his child, and wife have a right to collect food stamps if they meet the criteria. Especially since hes paid taxes before no doubt.

This woman, the braindead zombie, thinks her money goes to him… lol.. she doesn’t realize your taxes go to the government who gives it to the bankers to pay our past debt while they print more money

The bank (the federal reserve) charges us 1-2% per every dollar printed.. thus 1 dollar actually COSTS the USA 1.02 !

We’re paying debt with taxes, not food stamp costs.

Food stamps are printed out of thin air like colonial scrip back in the 1700’s.. the only reason food stamps have any value at all is because the government says they are like cash to the stores.

This lady is a dunce, and like most dunces, she’s an outspoken yelling idiot.

All this lady accomplished was embarrassing herself and some guy in front of his wife and kid at a Walmart. If we continue to fight among ourselves instead of placing the blame on the system where it belongs, nothing will ever change.


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