The Basic 8 Of Disaster Survival

wDisasters like ice cream comes in many flavors, one must consider all scenarios and plan a counter that best ensures the safety of their family. This should be done long in advance, we all have seen supermarkets the days before a hurricane, picked clean with nothing left. Don’t be the guy standing in the empty supermarket with no food at home, make a plan for everything and stock the items needed to run your plan. Here are my basic 8 considerations for being ready and able to live through whatever is sent your way.

1. LOCATION should I stay or should I go?

Is your location safe? Do you need to Bug Out? If so you best be ready to leave in a flash, so prepare for 3 strategies.
• An instant bug out bag plan where you grab your family and dog and go, no time for supplies just move or die.
• You have to leave but you can take time to pack up, this is certainly better then grab and go.
• Lastly, hunker down in your home and tough it out, of course this is the best case scenario.
If you have to bug out you need a bag in your car and a full tank of gas, the bag should include.

a can opener • extra clothes • a coat • hygiene necessities • prescription drugs • cash • flash light • solar lamp • Coleman lantern • duct tape • rope • tarp • a tent • shovel • a camp stovea good survival knife • a fishing pole with tackle • water filter purifier • water storage • water purification tablets • a pot to boil in • fire starter • waterproof matches • a battery, crank or solar powered radio • a multi tool • a hatchet • wool blankets • sleeping bag • a top rated first aid kit • MRE’s and freeze dried food • batteries • if you have a carry license, firearms and ammo • camp dishes and utensils • tools for your car • a fire extinguisher • foul weather gear • insect repellent • sun screen • jumper cables and a printed map of your area and state. Most of these items can be found on our site.

2. SHELTER will this location provide me shelter?

Most deaths when people find themselves lost in the wild happen because of exposure, so first and foremost create a shelter that protects you from the elements. There are countless publications concerning this topic so educate yourself as to construction techniques. If you are using your home first make sure that the disaster has not damaged it. Hurricanes, high winds and tornadoes can cause downed power lines and broken gas lines, take the time to make sure your family will not explode when they light a fire. Check your chimney before a fire to be sure the chimney is not blocked. If this is a water disaster make sure your home will not be overtaken and if this is a possibility be sure to have an evac route on high land. Remember if you live near water and it is raising, you are not the only one being run from your home, so are snakes, keep your eyes open. A good tent in your bug out bag is always a good plan.

3. HUNKER DOWN can I defend this position

The Bible says “Men like darkness because their deeps are evil.” When disaster hits most folks help their brothers but some try to profit on the confusion. In the hunker down scenario one must be sure he is in a location that can be defended, not from nature but from humans, man is the danger I fear most. After you decision to stay, fortify your entry points and windows, if the power is out be sure to keep bright lights at the ready. Many firearms come with a picatinny rail system that enables you to have a powerful light on the business end of your gun. I highly recommend becoming familiar with firearms, there safe operation and proper shooting techniques, Judo will not protect your home. Popular home defense firearms are the AR-15, this is the civilian version of the US Army’s M-16. This version is not fully automatic but is a top rate home defense weapon, if does require some training in order to use it to its full potential. The infamous AK-47, again a great firearm to defend ones home. It is rugged almost never jams and if you don’t clean it for 5 years if will probably still fire. The most common and extremely effective solution is the 12 Gage Shotgun, there are many different great solution brands but here are a few of the most common. The Mossberg 500, the Remington 870 and the Winchester Defender all are capable riot shotguns that can be purchased at your local sporting goods store for under $400.00. I can not emphasize enough the need to store a large supply of ammunition for your weapon, it has little worth without rounds to shoot. I know people find hand guns to be cool, everyone remembers Clint Eastwood and his S&W model 29 44 Mag, but in a real gunfight, pistols are what you use on the way to your rifle.

4. MEDICAL EMERGENCY no doctor on call?

Many disasters leave you on your own, this can go on for days or even weeks so learn all you can about first aid. While you are enjoying the Internet use it, CPR is all over the net and it is really easy to learn. Countless videos concerning emergency procedures abound in cyder space, lean from them, if could mean the life of a close friend. When however the lights go out have printed material on hand to guide you, there are many authors to choose from. If you have a family member with a serious heart condition, you might purchase an automated external defibrillator, this device can shock the heart muscle into beating again in the event of a heart attack. These devices are simple to use, do not require being plugged in and start at about $1,200.00. The foremost tool in disaster first aid is a top rate first aid kit and a knowledgeable provider. Do not purchase one of the cheap plastic soccer mom band aid kits you see all over the web, most are useless. A good kit will run $$60.00 or more and have big boy goodies inside, like quick clot and a suture kit. Yes, I said a suture kit so you might have to stitch someone shut while they scream and bleed, not fun but deep wounds do not stop bleeding on there own. Again these are techniques you can really understand if you view them on the web. The army uses a revolutionary powder called quick clot for battlefield bleeders, it is unbelievable what it can do. When a medic is presented with a wound that will not stop bleeding and he is far from a field hospital he packs the wound with quick clot and the bleeding stops. By no means is this a permanent fix but it has saved countless lives and is available in the civilian market, get you some. Most of us are on some type of prescription, best to keep a multi month supply around, many of the on line pharmacies will sell you multi month prescriptions.

5. HUNT & FISH ring the dinner bell?

Today, go on line and learn how to clean and cook a fish, buy and survival fishing pole, kit and license and start fishing. There is water all around us, lakes rivers and oceans all are teaming with food to feed your family. If you have to bug out of your area and have to camp out try to camp on the water. Not only do you now have water and fish, but animals have to drink also so hunting meat is a better option. Again, everyone has the best way to catch fish, you need to fish to find your best way. Urban hunting is also a great way to extend your food supply and there are lots of tasty critters in the suburbs to dine upon. You will need a small caliber rifle, I prefer a Ruger 10-22. This is a 22 caliber semi automatic rifle that has been around forever and is under $200.00. 22 caliber rounds can be purchased in mass bulk packs for a song and the gun can easily kill a squirrel at 50 yards. Squirrel, rabbit, raccoon and farrel cats can all be hunted if need be and a little corn meal and a deep friar and you got a cook out. Silencers and now legal in many states, they are fairly inexpensive and fit well with 22 short firring rifles. This makes an almost quiet urban squirrel killer that the whole family can enjoy.

6. FOOD & WATER buy it now to live later

There are hundreds of survival meals and packs to choose from, MRE’s, Freeze-Dried and canned foods, all serve a different purpose. Canned foods are cheap easy to store and last for years but be sure to store them in a semi cool environment. I have had several in my garage in the south start growing a bio experiment from within and explode, it was ugly. MRE’s are self heating using a magnesium pad and water to heat the foil pouch, these are good and last about 4 years on the shelf. There are several civilian manufactures of this type of product the most well known is Heater Meals. These meals are pre cooked and sealed when they are very hot making them impervious to bacteria for several years requiring no refrigeration. The food is hearty and hot with no campfire required and perfect for disaster situations. The most common survival food is freeze-dried food, I believe the largest retailer is Wise Foods. This type of food is perfect for the survival planner because it can sit on the shelf for 25 years or more. You simply boil water, open the pack and stir it in, instant Beef Stroganoff. It comes in hundreds of meal choices and in buckets or multi month packs, ideal for your survival plan. Remember, the more you buy and store, the longer you eat. Needless to say hydration is one of the most important factor in disaster survival. When the tap stops flowing and the stores close what can you drink, heck your toilet won’t even flush anymore. For the short term solution, there are countless water filter systems, filter straws, forward osmosis bladders, charcoal filtration and all sorts of bladder water storage devices.

Different systems are designed for different needs. A forward osmosis bladder would be for the individual far from clean water but has access to brackish filthy water, they drop the bladder into the swill water and 5 hours later have a tasty sports drink. The bath tub bladders are great for a social breakdown lasting several days, hurricane knocks out the water plant. So before hand you place the bladder in your tub and fill it up like a giant 60 gallon water balloon, this is what you drink for the next few days. All of the above are short term solutions for short term disasters, bladders run dry and filters wear out. Short of having a well on a farm, boiling water is still the mainstay for long term water use. I recommend purchasing a number of the filter and bladder systems mentioned above configured for your unique situation.

7. POWER, HEAT & LIGHT no more Internet or cell phone!

Imagine a world with no cell phones or Internet, how did we get along without them in the past? Why just the past 25 years we have had these and they seem ingrained in our very DNA. Loosing all of these comforts could come from several factors, solar flairs, the detonation of a nuclear weapon high in our atmosphere or space junk whizzing through earths orbit taking out our precious satellite system. I guarantee, in our lifetime one of these thing will happen, and other then coating your house in lead you cannot protect your home from everything. As far as a backup power source goes it all depends on the money you want to spend. You can purchase a gas generator from home depot for under $500.00 this will keep your TV on till you run out of gas. You can spend $3,000 for a built in diesel home generation system but once again it lasts only as long as it has fuel. Solar and wind are wonderful options but still are high cost with low return for your dollar. If you live in a far remote area these could be your best bet but the technology, even with Obama tax credits, is expensive and will become obsolete before it pays for itself. As far as a short term solution I recommend a small gas generator, 40 gallons of gas stored far from your house, a Coleman lamp with several gallons of fuel and a bucket load of mantels. There are several wonderful solar lamps that give off allot of light and shine for 6 hours on an 8 hour charge, solar puff is one brand. Flashlight evolution has progressed volumes over the past 5 years with many powerful systems available everywhere. If you live in a cold environment I recommend a good gas chainsaw, a sledge hammer and a splitting wedge, keep several cords of fire wood at the ready for outages and let nature pay for your heat.

8. UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL most men have never been in a fight

Ya, most guys are tough but in reality most guys have never been in a fight. Physical confrontation is violent and messy looking in reality nothing like a Kung Fu movie. You watch many Karate classes and see the people leaping around in their silk GI’s high kicking and yelling. Oh it looks so exciting……But it does not work on the street. I have had many friends experts in the martial arts, become evolved in a throw down and realize that the (System) that they just spent 15 years learning is as affective as ballet. Many stand up systems do not even have a ground or clinch game, their answer, “our strikes will kill you before you take us to the ground.” Then came UFC and all the systems that were popular stood buck naked in the light of day, exposed as the useless posturing that they were. If you train in the martial arts train in a system that really fights, and fights almost always go to the ground. Find a system that works the clinch, does take-downs and throws and spends at least half its time on the mat. You will become use to people slamming you around, throwing you to the ground and beating on you, so when it happens on the street is almost a normal day for you. Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are wonderful grappling systems and for striking I would recommend Jeet Kune Do and Thai Boxing. But combine your training to encompass striking and grappling making you a more all round fighter. A firearm is always the best survival defense but if you are caught empty handed and up against the wall its always nice to have a cold can of whip ass ready to crack open.

In conclusion, your survival knowledge and training is a road, not a destination. One picks up tools the longer one moves forward and by doing this increase their families chances for living through a disaster, whatever it may be. Educate yourself every day and prepare for the worst of mankind while treating your neighbor as family.

Devil Anse Hatfield