Ron Paul Aides Convicted of Campaign Corruption in Bribery Scandal


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As you just heard Jesse benton certainly had no fans among the Ron Paul faithful, that caller was rejoicing when Ron Paul’s 2012 Campaign manager resigned from his position at Ron Paul’s campaign for liberty. Well no doubt Benton’s enemies are celebrating today.

“Grant Rogers at the des moines register reports, Federal jurors have returned guilty verdicts in a host of public corruption charges brought against three former Ron Paul presidential campaign aides accused of a secret plot to pay an Iowa state senator $73,000 for his endorsement.

Benton, the 2012 campaign chairman who is married to Paul’s granddaughter, faced four charges at trial. His wife, Valori Pyeatt, cried as the judge reach the verdicts on each count.

Jurors found Jesse Benton, John Tate, and Dimitri Kessari guilty of: conspiracy, causing false records, causing false campaign expenditure reporting, and of a false statements scheme. The jurors found Benton and Tate additionally guilty of of causing false campaign expenditure reports”


This is certainly a sad day for many Ron Paul supporters who held Ron’s judgment in high regard however it would appear that nepotism was Ron’s achilles heel.

However Ron chose not to listen to the voices constantly warning him of Jesse Benton, Listen… but I am warning you there is some abrasive language ahead… so if you have small children in the room or are sensitive to foul language please skip ahead.

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