Globalists Threaten Voters with World War if Britain Exits Eurozone


Without a doubt, the globalists are freaking out about the possibility of Britain leaving the EU. They even sicked their dog Obama on the Brexit movement, and had him blackmail Britain with economic consequences if the nation leaves the EU. But their latest attempt to sway the public is the most ridiculous and bombastic thing you’ll hear all week. It really shows how desperate and afraid they are of a potential Brexit.

In a recent speech, Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that if Britain leaves the Eurozone, it could cause World War Three to break out across the continent. “Can we be so sure peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt? Is that a risk worth taking?” he said. “I would never be so rash to make that assumption.”

He went on to cite Britain’s contributions to different European wars such as “Blenheim, Trafalgar, Waterloo, our country’s heroism in the Great War and, most of all, our lone stand in 1940,” and he brought up how Churchill “argued passionately for Western Europe to come together, to promote free trade and build institutions which would endure so our continent would never again see such bloodshed,” And of course, he pulled the ever effective terrorist card, saying “When terrorists are planning to kill and maim people on British streets, the closest possible security cooperation is far more important than sovereignty in its purest theoretical form.”

Then to really hammer the point home, Cameron’s Pro-EU campaign wheeled out a few war veterans to appeal against a Brexit.

Several high-profile veterans have since come out to express their disgust with the pandering video.

Falklands veterans are among ex-servicemen who have turned on David Cameron for his ‘horrific’ decision to wheel out Second World War heroes to make the case for staying in the EU…

But Major-General Julian Thompson, who led British forces in the recapture of Port Stanley in the Falklands capital, said they were ‘simply wrong’ because the world is ‘totally different’ now, while fellow veterans dismissed it as an ‘inaccurate propaganda video’.

‘I respect them hugely, they’re the guys who bought our freedom, they fought for us and we should respect what they think, but I’m afraid they’re wrong because the world’s moved on,’ he told MailOnline.

Richard Kemp, who commanded forces in Afghanistan, accused the In campaign of ‘putting words in their mouths’ and said the views in the video are ‘very unrepresentative’ of ex-servicemen.

Obviously, the elites are panicking as their globalist schemes are stifled by a resurgence of nationalist feelings in Europe. They’ve stooped so low as to claim that any slight fracturing of the EU will lead to World War Three, because they have nothing left to argue. They’re scraping the bottom of the propaganda barrel. They are desperate.

It’s as if these they want us all to believe that these nations are too irresponsible and short-sighted to avoid war on their own. A draconian continent spanning government is not required to keep people from killing each other, but the globalists don’t ever want us to realize that we’re capable of being peaceful on our own, and always have been.

If anything, it’s the ancestors of the globalist elites that have been responsible for hurling the common man into their sick wars, time and time again. And in truth, the current crop of elitists are the greatest threat to peace in the world today. If the British really want peace and prosperity, they should run as far away as they can from globalist institutions like the EU.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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