Police State: Sadly, You Probably WILL Believe What Happened to This Dad Who Pulled over Because His Baby Barfed in the Car

If you can’t stand the sight of puke, you should probably stop reading this story now.

But then you wouldn’t know about how this ordinary car trip turned into a real-life version of a bad SNL skit.

So… this happened:

Screenshot 2016-05-17 at 1.55.08 AM

Turns out, dad Ben Patterson is a sympathetic vomiter.

What that means is, he can’t be around other people throwing up without throwing up himself. That would include his baby.

So when his boy Declan yakked in the car, he had to pull over. The following text rant to his wife ensued:


A man gets sick trying to clean up his son’s sick… but it gets so much worse because the neighbor calls the cops on the unfortunate man, and the cops force him to take a breathalyzer.

Because police state America.

Of course, he passed the breathalyzer, because he wasn’t intoxicated.

But it is great to know that the world is full of nosy neighbors who would rather call up the cops then check up on the man to see if he needs any assistance.

How does the mere fact that someone gets sick, and must pull over to deal with it, automatically equate to suspicion of drunk driving?

Apparently, the police officer immediately demanded that the man take a breathalyzer rather than just talk to him and realize that he was an ordinary dad who just got sick through a comical and disgusting turn of events.

It doesn’t take a great imagination how this situation could have quickly become much worse than it already was. Probably the neighbor felt she did her duty anyway, and that’s the snitch society we live in.

That’s the state of America today. Small towns, limitless suspicions and ever-ready police enforcement.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 at 2.02.09 AM

Any civil libertarian would have been feeling sick from much more than just the smell of his upset child.


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