US Navy Releases This Video of Russian Fighters Buzzing Their Destroyer, But… Is This Just a Propaganda Hoax?

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The video below, released by the US Navy, is supposed to “prove” that Russia was taunting one of America’s destroyers with repeated, unprovoked, threatening flyovers.

However, something is… off.

Watch this:

First of all, you’ll notice this has been heavily edited. Not just as in they put a lot of clips together that don’t exactly establish a timeline or location properly, but at several points, you can tell by the voiceover that the same woman announcing the same flyover is used twice for two different incidents.

Listen to the woman’s voice at 0:19 and then again at around 1:13. Listen to the hesitation before she says “75 feet”… It’s not just another event here. It’s the same exact audio clip that has been layered over entirely different footage of a completely different plane in both instances.

Not only that but many of the shots have no establishment, meaning they could’ve been taken from anywhere (and even at a different time) and just sandwiched in.

This is how propaganda works. Now they’ll use it to justify what? More NATO build up? Another claim of Russian aggression they can use to justify a march to another war?

See, they know they have to have video this time. They can’t just pull a Gulf of Tonkin or a downing of the Lusitania in modern day, both of which have been called out as potential false flags, not without at least some video proof. Not in the day and age of abundant recording technology.

However, will that proof really be actual proof of anything or just more propaganda b.s. to advance war aims?

Looking at the history of war for the last century and the number of admitted false flags we’ve seen, I think we all know the answer.


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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

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