WTF: Video Shows Students in Texas Jumping Rope with Cat Intestines in Anatomy Class

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Well, here’s one way to learn about a cat’s anatomy.

Apparently as part of a lesson plan for an anatomy class at Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, students were seen dissecting cats and then using their intestines as a jump rope.

There are two videos which break it all down. The first video shows kids dissecting cats while someone jumps rope with a cat’s intestine. The second video shows two students swinging a cat’s intestine while a third jumps over it like a jump rope.

But it isn’t a jump rope. It’s a cat’s intestine.

Yay public school in America.

A representative from the North East Independent School District claims the whole thing was just part of a lesson plan (via WAPO):

“This was not meant to be disrespectful or degrading,” Aubrey Chancellor, a district spokeswoman, told The Washington Post in a statement. “In fact, the students and the teacher are very upset it’s being portrayed that way.”

Really? How do you think the cat feels?

The district is still investigating the incident but does not plan to punish the teacher or the students who were involved because it was part of a lesson plan — and because, Chancellor told CBS affiliate KENS, they had no “ill will.”

“The idea of the lesson was to demonstrate the tensile strength of the organ,” she said. “However, we understand that best practices change over time, and we believe there is a more appropriate way to demonstrate the concept.”

“Best practices change over time”???

It’s 2016, and kids in Texas are using cat intestines as a jump rope to learn about the tensile strength of cat organs because… why exactly is that again? Where does the tensile strength of cat organs really come up in life?

That the public education system is about indoctrination and dumbing people down isn’t really in dispute. But you know the elite are laughing at this stuff… You think elite children are ever made to jump rope with cat intestines in school?

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