Teen Sets a Pair of Glasses on the Floor at an Art Museum, People Flock to Them Like They Are Brilliant Art

Art is subjective, but still, this is just ridiculous.


When a 17-year-old soon-to-be college student named TJ Khayatan decided to check out some art at the Francisco Museum of Modern Art, he quickly realized a lot of stuff isn’t exactly what most people would call “art”.

So he decided to set a regular pair of eyeglasses on the floor in an empty corner of the museum just to see what would happen.

This is what happened.


Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 12.56.45 PM

Better get a really nice frame for that picture, buddy.

People began flocking around the glasses as if they were a brilliant piece of art, even taking pictures of them.

Of a random pair of glasses someone just set on the floor.

What’s really sad is that if they had put a price tag on that “art” of, say, half a million dollars, you know some rich idiot dying of boredom would probably pay it because it’s “post-modern” and “existentialist” and “insert more five dollar words here”.

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