China State-Run Media Is Promoting Communism to Millennials with This Cheesy Hip Hop Song About Karl Marx


Chinese state-run media (which is all media in China) recently featured this really cheesy 90s-style throwback hip hop video below about everyone’s favorite author of The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx.

The video features everything that would’ve been cool circa 1994, including an Usher beat rip off, singers and dancers wearing oversized sports jerseys, and strobing text spelling out Marx’ name. The lyrical genius of this song includes lines like “Life is full of little accidents, then one day I discovered how awesome he was” and “You are my Venus, my dear Marx.”

The song is called “Marx is a post-90” — post-90s being the term in China for millennials. In other words, it’s pure propaganda aimed at getting the younger generations on board with how “hip” and “cool” communism and China’s communist party are.

Watch (and laugh) for yourself.

(NOTE: Sometimes when you hit play, this video has a 30-second countdown before it begins… not entirely sure why that is, but just FYI.)

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

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