High School Forbids Wearing Honors Stole to Graduation Because ‘It Might Hurt the Other Kids’ Feelings’

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In the same vein of socially engineered stupidity as “safe spaces” and “microaggressions,” seniors graduating at Plano High School in Texas have been told they are not allowed to wear their hard-earned National Honor Society stole during graduation… basically because some of the other kids who didn’t earn the honors might get their feelings hurt because they don’t have a stole.


According to school practices, students are not allowed to wear NHS regalia.

Garrett Frederick has been a National Honor Society member since his sophomore year, dedicating himself to maintaining a high GPA and performing community service hours.

“I’m not just an honor student — I’m an NHS student. I worked hard. I put in the hours,” Frederick said, explaining that he committed to 20 hours of community service every semester.

Note that students don’t just have to maintain a 3.6 GPA to be inducted into National Honor Society, they also have to complete 20 hours of community service each semester.

This particular school claims that students aren’t allowed to wear anything that would signify participation in any “club” or display organizational regalia, but it’s kind of a ridiculous excuse considering that other high schools within the same district are allowing their students to wear their NHS stoles for graduation.

Garrett’s mom, who finds the whole thing ridiculous too, says she was even told by the school’s NHS sponsor that the real reason is because, “school administrators want everyone to feel included in graduation and not single students out”.

In other words, nobody’s fweewings (yes, not feelings, but fweewings) can get hurt (logic fail, considering its the kids themselves who didn’t do the work, so they hurt their own feelings by not earning their own NHS stole).

So our society is saying we can’t single students out and congratulate them for exemplary work? We live in a country where if everyone doesn’t get a trophy, no one gets a trophy, even though not everyone did the work it requires to earn the trophy? That no student’s paper should have any red marks written on it because it might hurt someone’s feelings? How very Orwellian.

It’s not like the kid is throwing a temper tantrum because he wants to wear gang colors. It’s honor society for crying out loud! Shouldn’t the school, of all places, promote hard work and good grades???

No, because apparently educating smart, hard-working individuals is not the point of America’s public school system.

We’re witnessing the true agenda of these schools as their products have been unleashed on college campuses nationwide, spreading political correctness like a cancer and demanding “safe spaces” as if that’s a thing that exists in the real world. Students at Yale even signed a petition to repeal the First Amendment.

America’s backwards educational institutions are socially engineering entire generations of thin-skinned men- and women-children who aren’t allowed to be criticized or have their feelings hurt or be made to feel uncomfortable or, Heaven forbid, get offended by something (which is apparently almost everything these days, including writing on a sidewalk in chalk).

By refusing to allow students to wear their honors stole, the school is sending future classes of students a clear message that no individual is meant to excel in this society…

All this does is breed an environment of ignorance in a continued race to the bottom. Then again, perhaps that’s the goal of our modern indoctrination centers to begin with.

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