Multiple People Spot Pointed, Color-Changing UFO Hovering near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


Several people now have taken pictures and video of a strange pointed craft hovering in the clouds over Dayton, Ohio near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The object, a man-made but as yet unidentified flying object, appears to hover in and with the clouds, even seeming to change color with them to blend in.


A couple who lives near Wright-Patterson filmed this object in the video above, corroborating sightings of others who have just been able to snap photos like the one below.


Look familiar?

The big question is… what is it?

What is its purpose? What does it do?

As more and more Americans report seeing this exact same bizarre object hovering over their heads near military bases in this country, eventually the government is going to have to provide some answers. It isn’t much of a secret if a whole bunch of random people know about it.

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