Half-Naked People and Dancing Monsters: Bizarre Occultic Opening Ceremony for World’s Largest Tunnel Can’t Be Unseen

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Nothing major that happens in any country these days can seem to just… be… normal.

Take the opening of Switzerland’s new train tunnel. It’s the world’s largest; a 35-mile long, 2,300 meter-deep tunnel cutting through the Alps that cost €11 billion and took 17 years to build.

When it opened, it couldn’t just open with, say, a ribbon cutting ceremony and a party or something. Oh no.

It had to have an €8 million occultic opening ceremony, complete with half naked dancers and creepy winged and horned beasts. Basically a Madonna concert without Madonna.

Go ahead and figure out the symbolism in this one:

Sure, the jumpsuits may be orange, but the walk is all Metropolis

After a bit more dancing, a bunch of people in their underwear show up… including a winged, masked topless lady flying over what is supposed to be the nine miners who died during the tunnel’s construction. Next comes an angry man with chains beating metal things. At some point it starts to look like Cirque Du Soleil meets Voodoo ritual, then the horned beasts are summoned.

And it was no small production. Some six hundred performers took part in this opening ceremony.

RT reports, “Co-ordinated by German director Volker Hesse, the performances were supposed to represent various aspects of Swiss culture, but, at times, ended up resembling a Kanye West fashion show.”

Signs proclaimed the tunnel was “on track to the future”. If the ceremony is any indication, the future is a scary place.

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