“Don’t f**king shoot!”: Is This Parrot Eerily Repeating the Last Line from an Unsolved Murder It Witnessed?


It may sound like a cheesy point in the plot of the 1980s show Twin Peaks, only it’s happening in real life.

Last year, 46-year-old Martin Duram was shot five times and killed at his home in Ensley, Michigan. State police have yet to solve the crime.

In a chilling twist, Bud, Duram’s pet African gray parrot, has been shouting “Don’t f**cking shoot” over and over since Duram’s death.

His parents believe the bird actually witnessed the crime and has been reliving that moment ever since.

“I personally believe he was there and he remembers it and he was saying it,” Duram’s dad said.

Police suspect Duram’s wife Glenna who was found at the scene with a gunshot wound to the head, yet she survived. Three different suicide notes she left were also found. She denies the shooting, however. Investigators didn’t realize she was even still alive for over an hour.

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