Thousands of Humvees Captured by ISIS are Now Car Bombs

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When the US military pulled out of Iraq, they left behind thousands of armored Humvee vehicles for the benefit of the fledgling Iraqi military. But once ISIS started capturing cities, most of the Iraqi military fled in terror, despite having a vast numerical advantage. Now the majority of those Humvees are in the hands of ISIS.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has recently revealed that ISIS managed to steal 2,300 of these vehicles, or 2/3 of the Humvees that the US gave to Iraq. As bad as it sounds having expensive military equipment paid for by American tax dollars, fall into the hands of vicious thugs, it gets worse. Now ISIS is turning these vehicles in to car bombs.

At first glance that may not sound like a big deal. After all, ISIS could use any vehicle for suicide missions, and if they didn’t have Humvees they’d use something else. The problem lies in the fact that apparently, Humvees are highly effective as car bombs. More so than most vehicles. According to Sean D. Naylor, contributor to

There’s a simple reason the militants are using Humvees and other armored vehicles as rolling bombs. Their protective armored plating prevents defenders from killing the trucks’ drivers before the militants can detonate their loads, while the vehicles’ capacity to carry enormous amounts of weight means the Islamic State can sometimes pack in a ton of explosives.

So to sum it all up, the US invaded and destroyed Iraq, which created the perfect conditions for ISIS to emerge (or we actively helped create ISIS, depending on who you ask). Then we gave thousands of expensive armored vehicles to an army that we failed to properly train. Then those vehicles fell into ISIS hands, and are being used to fight the government we created.

And the military-industrial complex marches on.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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