Cops Go to Wrong House, Shoot and Kill Beloved Dog, Claim “No Other Reasonable Option”


The murdered pet’s named was Buddy, an 11-year-old husky mix.

Two deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department showed up at a house for a domestic disturbance call on Monday. Three dogs ran out into the yard, two small ones followed by a third larger one that the deputies labeled “immediately aggressive” before shooting and killing the animal.

It was around that time someone came out of the house and informed the cops there were at the wrong location.


At least this time they apologized… kinda. According to the department’s statement:

“The department and the officers involved in this unfortunate situation all recognize the emotional impact the loss of a family pet has on this family and we extend our deepest sympathies. The officers involved in this incident feel terrible about what occurred but felt they had no other reasonable option at the time.”

They feel terrible?

Like they couldn’t have run away? Post office workers and UPS drivers do it all the time… they don’t just shoot and kill people’s dogs.

And is anything even going to happen to them for obviously screwing up and going to the wrong house? Whoever was getting beat up in the house where the actual domestic disturbance was happening had to wait that much longer for “help” while the cops bungled the call, went to the wrong house, and killed someone’s beloved pet.

Dogs aren’t even killing cops, you know.

Police act like cops are just getting eaten by dogs every other two seconds in the US, but in fact as previously reported, there are no records of any police officer being killed by a dog in the past 70 years:

Because the truth is, dogs aren’t killing cops.

Check out the stats:

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a national database of law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, 15 deaths in the past 70 years have been animal-related, but none of them involved a dog attack. (Almost all involved horses or insect stings.) One would expect, then, that there would be very little need to use a firearm.

Fifteen animal-related police officer deaths in America in the last 70 YEARS, and NONE of them — not a single one — involved a dog attack.

And that’s just as far back as that database goes. Who knows if a cop has ever actually been killed by a dog in this country.

That’s right. Cops have a fatter chance of dying from a bee sting than they do from a dog attack in America.

Yet, dogs are killed by cops all the time. It’s a regular occurrence in the news, but there are no official databases kept on how many pet dogs are killed by cops in any given year. It’d probably shock us all to know how many innocent pets are murdered this way.

The saddest part about this story is it is a repeat from last fall when the same thing happened in Georgia, only in that case, they not only killed the dog but also shot the homeowner and one of the deputies was shot in the hip by friendly fire, all after they went to the wrong house! And it happened again spring 2015 when a man’s service dog was shot and killed for no reason at all after cops went to the wrong house in San Diego. Here’s another where they told the family, “Don’t worry, the bill’s on us” after police went to the wrong house and killed their pet dog. Here’s a dog being shot for no reason by a cop in March 2016, caught on tape. In this instance the cop was aiming for a dog but accidentally shot a toddler in the leg instead.

It’s so bad that in Texas, where 280 dogs were shot by police in 2012 alone, a bill was passed that would force cops to go to four hours of “canine-encounter” training to learn how not to shoot people’s dogs. Some departments have already made this training mandatory. Question: why isn’t it mandatory everywhere for every cop?

It obviously should be.

(Then again, we live in a country where cops will kill pet cats, so…)

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