Las Vegas PD Jailed Paraplegic for “Fleeing” From a Robbery

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Last month the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force made an arrest that defies all logic and common sense. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

They arrested Antwine Hunter outside of a pizza restaurant, and booked him at the Clark County Detention Center. For a while, Antwine had no idea what he was incarcerated for, but he was shocked when he learned that the police believed he was a suspect in a robbery.

Apparently he fit the description of someone who ran up to a UPS driver, and stole his cell phone and scanner before fleeing the scene. The only problem is that Antwine clearly doesn’t fit the description of the robber, because he’s paralyzed from the waist down. He’s been a paraplegic since he was shot in a drive-by at the age of 12. So how exactly did he flee the scene of the crime? More importantly, how did the police make this mistake?

The UPS driver picked Antwine out of a photographic lineup (he has prior drug convictions on his record) where it wasn’t obvious that he was paralyzed, nor was the driver ever informed of his condition. Once he was arrested, nobody in the system read the arrest report, which would have made it clear that he wasn’t capable of committing this crime.

Antwine was in jail for two weeks before he saw his day in court. There the judge, the UPS driver, and the prosecutor realized that he was innocent, and he was finally released. However, the prosecutor cautioned that just because he didn’t commit this crime “That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t live a life of crime,” and the judge ruled that Antwine could still be charged if any new evidence linking him to the robbery comes to light.

These authoritarians sound pretty embarrassed don’t they?

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