Florida Politician Thinks AR-15 Fires 700 Rounds Per Minute

m4 assault rifle

Every time there is a mass shooting the gun grabbers come out of the woodwork, and rather than making a convincing argument, they usually only succeed in showing their ignorance about firearms. Plenty of celebrities have already taken to twitter to call for a ban on “automatic” weapons and “assault” rifles, neither of which were used in the Orlando nightclub shooting. Obviously, most celebrities have no real experience with firearms, and what they’re really referring to is scary looking semi-automatic rifles.

But perhaps the dumbest thing that’s been said on the matter, comes from Representative Alan Grayson of Florida. He didn’t just make a semantic mistake. He actually believes that a bonafide assault rifle was used in the attack.

Of course, the AR-15 is not capable of firing 700 rounds per minute. You can’t even get that rifle to fire on fully automatic without making significant (and felonious) modifications, at which point it doesn’t really fit the modern definition of an AR-15. In any case, civilians can’t buy a fully automatic weapon of any kind without spending a ton money, and jumping through a mountain of bureaucratic hoops. That’s why a fully automatic firearm hasn’t been used during a mass shooting in recent history.

And to think that people as ignorant as Alan Grayson have the legal power to hinder our right to bear arms.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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