Off Duty NYPD Cop Draws Gun During Road Rage Incident

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Time and time again, plainclothes cops have shown that they have no sense of self-awareness. They often seem to have no idea what it looks like when a person dressed as a civilian starts waiving a gun around.

The most recent example of this behaviour comes from New York City, where an off duty cop got in an argument with a bike messenger. While the officer claims that the bicyclist struck his mirror, the bicyclist’s friends all say that the car swerved into him. This was the argument that followed:

Afterward the officer went inside a restaurant to call 911, and the police showed up to arrest the bicyclist. They’re claiming that the messenger lunged at the officer with an ice pick, which sounds unlikely. Nothing like that was caught on video, and no ice pick was collected as evidence. In any case, if that man had really tried to attack the officer with an ice pick, wouldn’t he have just shot the guy?

What really happened off camera according to eyewitnesses, is that after the cop’s car was struck, he stepped out of the car with a gun in his hand, and ordered the man to get on the ground. Not once did he identify himself as a cop, or produce a badge.

Which story sounds more likely to you?

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