Trial Date Set in Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit Against Remington

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A lawsuit by families of Sandy Hook victims is proceeding against Remington, manufacturer of the AR-15, in the new push to hold gun manufacturers responsible for what is done by people who purchase their products and use them illegally.

The New York Times is pretty excited about it:

The legal challenge faces long odds, and a key hearing next week will determine its future. But the lawsuit has already progressed further than many had expected — a Connecticut judge has set a trial date and has ordered the defendants to turn over documents — and no matter the outcome, it represents a muscular campaign against the powerful gun industry. [emphasis added]

That last part is key: they are setting a precedent here.

Question: Do you think it’s a bit hypocritical of the system to applaud the Sandy Hook families for suing Remington and decry the fact that people can’t sue to hold a company responsible for what people who purchase its products could potentially do to others, but completely ignore the fact that we live in a country where no one is allowed to sue vaccine manufacturers directly for vaccine damage?

Also, can you imagine if every company could be sued for every time someone used their products in the commission of a crime to hurt someone else?

Knife manufacturers sued for stabbings… Car manufacturers and alcohol producers sued for DUI deaths… Companies who sell lighters sued if an arsonist decides to burn someone’s house down… Shoelace manufacturers sued for someone being strangled by one… Swimming pool manufacturers being sued if someone drowns in one…

Personal responsibility be damned when there’s an agenda, and this agenda is pretty obvious. If they can’t get the laws passed to gut the Second Amendment, they’ll just try to sue gun manufacturers out of existence instead.

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