Why the Orlando Shooting Won’t Lead to More Gun Control

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While leftists and moderates tends to look down on gun owners who stock up on firearms after every mass shooting, these people aren’t crazy. Not only are there more calls to restrict gun ownership in the media after these attacks, but there is often a spike in support for gun control among Americans. The nightclub shooting in Orlando is no exception.

Unsurprisingly, a Huffington Post/YouGov survey found that 55% of respondents want stricter gun control, a 7 point increase since the Orlando shooting. The poll also found that more Americans support a ban on “assault rifles,” and 86% of Americans would like to prevent people on the terror watch list from buying firearms.

An NBC poll found that 61% of Americans want tougher gun laws. And a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University has found that 58% of Americans would like to see a ban on “assault type weapons.”

Perhaps the most dramatic change was found in a CBS poll, which showed that 57% of Americans now support a ban on assault weapons (i.e. semi-automatic rifles) which is up from 44% in December. Fortunately, these numbers probably won’t last. According to the Huffington Post:

There’s no guarantee that fears raised by the Orlando shooting will even last until the election. Far from reflecting an unprecedented sea change, the newest poll shows public opinion returning to about where it was after last year’s shooting in San Bernardino, California. That attack, like a host of others before it, failed to produce much in the way of political change before the nation’s concerns dissipated.

Opinions on gun control tend to sway drastically after mass shootings, but eventually swing back like a pendulum in the weeks that follow. The overall trend in America for the past 30 years, has been more support for loosening firearm restrictions and conceal carry regulations (with the exception of a few states and municipalities of course), despite the fact that dozens of mass shootings have occurred in that time.

That’s because Americans are highly vulnerable to media hype, except when it comes to guns. If it seems like all of our well known celebrities and political figures are supporting something, then millions of Americans will back them. But when it comes to gun rights, Americans have a tendency to come to their senses after a while. The gun debate flares up after every mass shooting, and most of the time, gun owners win that debate by citing common sense and our Constitutional rights.

It just goes to show that the Second Amendment is always in the most peril immediately following a mass shooting. Once these attacks occur, the gun grabbers have a very small window of opportunity to propose and establish new laws. The American political system is simply too slow to keep up with popular sentiments, so these laws tend to fail.

Keep that in mind in the weeks ahead, and remember it when the next mass shooting happens. When the gun grabbers come out to propose new firearm restrictions, you have to stand up for your beliefs and meet them with solid, practical and ethical arguments in favor of the Second Amendment. Leftists don’t have much staying power on this issue, and they will lose over and over again if you doggedly challenge their attempts to exploit a tragedy.

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