A Mass Movement Has Begun: How To Protect Yourself Before “Italeave… Czech Out… Departugal… Finnished…”


Global resource strategist and New York Times best-selling author Marin Katusa has traveled to over 100 countries and has been accurately forecasting geo-political and market events throughout the crisis. When, in 2011, he called for a top in precious metals and a collapse in prices he was quite literally booed while on stage. What happened next was a correction that wiped out over 90% of the value of resource stocks. As oil broke over $100 in 2014 he noted that it would soon crash and go lower for longer, a forecast that was realized over the following 18 months and an eventual sub-$30 low by January of 2016.

Now, as citizens of the UK have voted to reject globalist policies of the  European Union, Katusa says in his latest interview with Future Money Trends that we are witnessing a world-wide mass movement that may have far reaching consequences for not just the economy, financial markets and the global monetary system, but the entire world order as it exists today.

This is the beginning of a mass movement… In London and the financial sector everyone voted to stay… but it’s the outskirts… the small towns… they’re sick of it… so what’ next?

Is it Portugal? They’re just as messed up… Is there a Departugal?

Italy is messed up… is there an Italeave?

Finland… is it Finnished?

The Czechs… are they Czeched Out ?

It’s going to be a race to the bottom… So how do you protect yourself in this global movement?

Billions of dollars were lost on the day following Brexit as investors around the world panicked. According to Katusa, as dominoes continue to fall, so too will confidence in the system.

You can watch Marin Katusa’s full interview at Future Money Trends.

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