Carl Sagan’s Son: ‘There Is a Massive Conspiracy to Cover up the Fact That 9/11 Was an Inside Job’


In a recent interview (below), even Carl Sagan’s son is saying that 9/11 was an inside job…

Via Disclose.TV:

“I think the visual evidence is the most compelling. I mean you have like falling, free fall.  You have molten steel coming out of the building. I mean, obviously, also — the evidence of thermite is very compelling,” he explained. “The other thing I should say, if you look at building seven, the way everything was known before it happened. And the way it was reported in the media before it happened, that doesn’t happen. [laughs] You know?”

Sagan, who is a computer programmer, lamented the fact that not all computer model data on the collapse has been released to the public due to public safety concerns ( via ).

“I think public safety is in quotes — referring to their own behinds.” He stated. “The fact that they won’t release it is just proof, because science is peer-reviewed and all the data is made available so everyone can come to a consensus, and that’s what moves us along.” “It’s a cover-up, basically,” he continued. “I mean, you can’t release data that is going to show you are wrong. Why would you do it?”

Sagan also referenced his late mother, Lynn Margulis, who was married to his father from 1957 to 1965, who told Scientists for 9/11 Truth that she felt the 9/11 Commission was “a fraud.”

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