F-35 Fail: The Aircraft Could Kill Its Pilots During Combat

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Yet another disturbing revelation about America’s newest fighter jet has been uncovered. The aircraft, which cost taxpayers over $1 trillion to develop, can barely take off, and which the Pentagon admits is a total failure, also has a defect that could easily kill its pilots during combat.

Apparently the Martin-Baker designed ejection seat is flawed. It’s been found that pilots weighing less than 136 lbs are at risk of a potentially fatal neck injury if they try to eject. An “elevated risk” has also been found for pilots weighing between 136 lbs and 165 lbs. In other words, it’s likely that the majority of pilots who use the aircraft are at risk of breaking their necks if they ever have to eject.

The reason why has to do with how the seat is designed, which causes it to rotate slightly upon ejection. The company that designed the seat has so far failed to find a solution to the problem. The Air Force however, has been looking into reducing the weight of the F-35’s designated helmet as a potential solution, each of which cost $400,000, or four times has much as the previous model.

But ultimately the Air Force plans to scrap the ejection seat, and replace it with one designed by a different company. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll be scrapping the F-35 boondoggle anytime soon.

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