Landlord Evicts Anti-Islam Writer from Virginia Home for Winding up on Isis Hitlist


While not everyone may agree with Cline’s views, the fact that he has been evicted over his First Amendment right to express them here, in America, is a frightening sign of the Orwellian times we are living in. A GoFundMe campaign helped to raise over $15,000 to help Cline move following his untimely eviction.

Via Vocativ:

Edward Cline, a prolific anti-Islamic scribe, is being forced from his Williamsburg, Virginia home after the FBI showed up on his doorstep last month to inform him that his work had possibly placed him on the terror group’s hit list. Upon catching wind of his predicament, his landlord decided to give him the boot.

“The situation is unprecedented in my lifetime experience,” the 69-year-old told Vocativ. “I’ve never before been evicted or thrown under the bus for what I think and write…”

In self-published books and hundreds of essays posted on his website, Rule of Reason, Cline has spent the last 15 years raging against Islam and the existential threat he believes it poses to western civilization. He has called the religion, which has 1.6 billion adherents worldwide, “a death worshipping cult,” and referred to Mecca’s Grand Mosque—Islam’s holiest site— as “The Islamic Anthill.” He claims to have documented some 26,000 terrorist attacks he says were perpetrated by Muslims since 9/11. Cline has also catalogued verses from the Quran he believes to be open calls to violence against non-believers.

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