Provoking Russia? NATO’s New HQ Designed Like Nazi SS Lightning Bolts

Kinda surprising they actually went there. Guess the symbolism of the pair of double lightning bolts is Nazis 2.0?

Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 5.39.45 AM

Via Washington’s Blog:

Damir 1’s 1-minute video:

NATO’s 2-minute virtual tour, starting and ending with the overhead view:

NATO promises completion of their new headquarters this year, whose overhead view mimics Nazi SS twin lightning bolts. This design is as accidental as ongoing US/UK/Israel lie-started Wars of Aggression, and now in opposition to Russia’s challenges on War of Aggression/“regime change” in Syria.

Fighting words and incitement are legal categories of expression unlawful in many jurisdictions. The general legal interpretation is these expressions on their face are intended to evoke violence and hatred from a targeted victim. Is it credible that nobody within NATO pointed out the obvious headquarters’ similarity to Nazi symbolism, and its provocation to Russia if built???

NATO claims goals of democracy, cooperation, and peace, and in cooperation with UN purposes and principles of peace, just as all current war-engaged nations claim.

Whatever the purpose of NATO’s choice of architecture, its easy for the public to see that NATO “leadership” supports current and ongoing US/UK/Israel illegal Wars of Aggression, led by the US.

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