Claim: ‘Climate Change is Making Bearded Dragons Switch Sex, Possibly Leading to Their Extinction’


Some lizards naturally switch sex during incubation based on how hot it is. Scientists have known this for years.

Now, any time it happens in even a small number of these lizards, the fact will promptly be blamed on global warming/climate change and propagandized for all the agenda-pushing it is worth.

Via Natural World News:

Climate change is reportedly changing male reptiles into females, and this may lead to an all-male reptile population–and eventually extinction. Last year, it was reported by several media outlets that Central bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are undergoing instant sex reversal because of the unusual high temperature that they are experiencing within their habitat.

According to the study published in the journal Nature, the Australian species demonstrated transitioning from genotypic to temperature-dependent sex determination.

After studying 131 wild-caught bearded dragons in Queensland province, the researchers found that 11 of them were female who are able to produce offspring but had the ZZ chromosomes of a genetic male.

Wow, 11 lizards out of 131? You mean a whopping eight percent?! What a huge sample to base such important findings on. Say no more. Yep. Definitely must be climate change.

Someone call up Al Gore so he can start crying over a picture of a bearded dragon on a melting glacier or something.

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