Oops: Does Speaker Paul Ryan Even Know What Happened on Independence Day?


In a prepared statement released by House Speaker Paul Ryan, he said we should all remember the people — millions, apparently — who died on the 4th of July.

Ryan said:

“On this year’s Fourth, we can celebrate the historic document that was signed—and the self-evident truths it declared. We can celebrate the historic battles that were fought so that those truths would embrace all of our people. We can remember the extraordinary men and women, so dedicated to those truths, who died on this day—and the millions of others whose names we’ll never know.

The nameless millions who died on the 4th of July? Um…?

Is he confusing July 4th with some other day?

Continuing —

“Or we can remember—and give thanks—that we live in a country where all these things are possible. We still believe in those self-evident truths. We still struggle to live up to them. And really, what that struggle represents is the pursuit of happiness. So today, with great gratitude, we celebrate our independence.”

Even though he keeps talking about them, how much you wanna bet this guy couldn’t list a single self-evident truth if you asked him to? The whole statement just sounds like a bunch of politically expedient platitudes, plus the phrase “self-evident truth” sprinkled in a few times for good measure.

It’s as if he only has half a clue. Wonder how many more years we’ve got until the half a clue our Congresspeople have about what Independence Day represents disappears all together.

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