WOW: The FBI Director Just Told Congress Hillary Isn’t “Sophisticated Enough” to Understand Classified Markings… with a Straight Face


It’s amazing how utterly stupid the American government apparently thinks the American people are.

Warning: watching this video might make you facepalm yourself until you pass out.

Via The Hill:

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) pressed Comey about whether he was testifying that Clinton didn’t know what a classified marking is.

“No, not that she would have no idea what a classified marking would be,” Comey responded. “It’s an interesting question whether she … was actually sophisticated enough to understand what a C in [parentheses] means.”

“You asked me if I would assume someone would know,” he added. “Probably before this investigation, I would have. I am not so sure of that any longer. I think it’s possible — possible — that she didn’t know what a C meant when she saw it in the body of an email like that.”

Did you know there’s even a Wikipedia page that explains what classified markings mean?

If she’s as much of a clueless moron as FBI Director Comey suggests — that she could go eight years as a First Lady, another eight as a Congresswoman, and another four as Secretary of State and still, after 20 years, have no idea what classified acronyms are — then why in the hell should anyone vote for her to be president???

(That last question was obviously rhetorical.)

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