Disclosure in 2016? Bookies Just Cut the Odds that a World Leader Will Spill the Beans on Aliens This Year from 1000/1 to 25/1

grey aliens

Editor’s Note: Notice it specifically mentions either David Cameron or Barack Obama to be the one to do it. Even if disclosure really came, and the alien phenomena isn’t just some dark cover for government experimentation, if it was falling out of the mouths of either one of those two, you can probably rely on it being total b.s.

Still… do these guys know something we don’t?

Via Metro:

Bookmakers William Hill have slashed the odds of a UK prime minister or US president announcing that aliens are visiting earth from 1000/1 to just 25/1.

The huge fall comes after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton pledged to ‘get to the bottom’ of UFOs if she is elected US president in November.

Yesterday also marked World Disclosure Day, with world leaders being urged to end an apparent ‘truth embargo’ and come clean regarding what they know about extra-terrestrial life.

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