Watch This: Thai Model Claims Demon Possession on Live TV


If these were just drugs, they apparently weren’t even very good ones…

During an interview on live TV seen below, a Thai model named Thippawan “Pui” Chaphupuang claims to have begun manifesting an evil cannabilistic ghost named ‘Pop’ which demanded pig’s blood.

Via The Mirror:

Pui then slipped into Pop as the host asked the ‘ghost’ questions as to why it continued to possess the young woman.

To which, the spirit replied in a strange voice: “Someone sent me here!”

The entity appearing to possess Pui’s body refused to say who had sent it and demanded pigs’ blood as the woman writhed around and shrieked, strangely.

Pop spirits are greatly feared in Thai mythical culture.

Uh huh… sure.

Watch for yourself. Again, if this model is trying to break out into acting, it’s not even very good acting…

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