CO Deputy Fires “One in a Billion” Shot Down Robber’s Pistol Barrel

pistol firing

On July 13th, a Sheriff’s deputy for Jefferson County, Colorado, was cleared of all possible charges by prosecutors for a shooting incident that occurred last January. But the details that have emerged from that incident include a mind-blowing tidbit which overshadows the story itself.

Deputy Jose Marquez was off duty and visiting his girlfriend at an apartment complex, when he decided to walk down to the parking lot to retrieve an item from his car. On his way back to the apartment, two masked men tried to rob him at gunpoint. After being fired upon, Marquez drew his pistol and fired back. He was shot in the shoulder, and one of the suspects was shot in the leg. The injured man was arrested, while the other suspect fled and has not been found.

When the police inspected the firearm used by the injured robber, they made a startling discovery. One of Marquez’s .45 caliber bullets had managed to strike the barrel of the suspects .40 caliber gun. It actually traveled all the way down the barrel and into the chamber, disabling the gun.

pistol bullet

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only did a .45 caliber round strike the muzzle of a smaller .40 caliber barrel, it was so perfectly centered that it traveled down the barrel. Unsurprisingly, the police who investigated the shooting are calling it a “one in a billion” shot.

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