French Government Covered Up Horrific Details of Bataclan Massacre

bataclan theater

The French government, like most Western governments, is riddled with purveyors of political correctness; especially when it comes to any crime or terrorist attack that is committed by Muslims. They’ll either try to convince the public that the religion of the attackers was merely incidental to the crime, or they’ll try to minimize the public’s outrage over the crime in any way they can.

The latter of which, is exactly what the French government is being accused of in regards to the Bataclan terrorist attack, which killed 89 people last year. In March, a French government committee listened to testimony from survivors of the attack, which suggested that the most horrific details were suppressed from the public.

Among the details that have been recently released, are claims that the ISIS backed killers tortured many of their victims before killing them. Men had their testicles severed and stuffed in their mouths, and women were stabbed in the genitals or disemboweled. Other victims had their eyes gouged out. This testimony corresponds with initial reports that came out immediately after the attack, of survivors saying that they heard people being tortured in the theater.

The testimony also suggests that French authorities tried to cover up these details by preventing family members from fully viewing the bodies of their dead relatives. Prosecutors at the hearing suggested instead that these details were rumors, and the damage found on these bodies was caused by shrapnel.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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