Turkish Coup Crushed: Erdogan Promises to “Cleanse” Military

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What started with tanks and soldiers capturing key positions in Turkey, and declaring that they had wrestled control of the country from President Recep Erdogan, appears to have come to a bloody conclusion. All mainstream news accounts are reporting that the coup against the Erdogan government has been quashed.

Admittedly it can be difficult to tell who’s really in charge after a coup, but it appears obvious that the coup has failed. Most notably, footage has surfaced that shows rebel soldiers surrendering on the Bosphorous bridge, and President Erdogan has been addressing the Turks publicly without fear for his life. It’s estimated that 194 people were killed during the coup, including dozens of police officers and civilians, and over a thousand have been injured. 2,893 members of the Army have also been arrested.

Erdogan has made it clear that he plans to purge the military following the coup attempt. “They will pay a heavy price for this..This uprising is a gift from God to us because this will be a reason to cleanse our army,” he said of the traditionally secular military establishment that has long been at odds with his Islamic policies.

However, not everyone is buying the official narrative. The timing of the coup, the ease with which it was put down, and the mass arrests that have followed, all seem awfully convenient. And most of the soldiers who have been captured have claimed that they were merely running a military exercise, and had no idea that a coup was taking place.

2,745 judges and prosecutors have been detained, and dozens of arrest warrants for opponents of Erdogan have been issued throughout the government, despite the fact that it was initially claimed that the coup was merely a “parallel structure” within the army. Did Erdogan orchestrate a false flag to purge the government of anyone remotely critical of his regime?

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