Houston Police Release Video of Another Shooting, Body Cams only Turned on Afterwards


So many police shooting (and killing) videos are being released right now that it is becoming hard to even keep track of them all anymore. It seems to occur multiple times a day the nation over that someone, somewhere in America is being shot by cops.

Houston police have just released video from a July 9 shooting that only shows the aftermath of the shooting itself because police did not turn on their body cameras until after they shot the suspect and he was laying on the ground bleeding.

Police have to elect to turn on their body cameras. The first two clips in the video below are from surveillance footage taken at a gas station across the street (again, because the cops’ body cams were off). The vantage point is too far away to make much out of it other than the guy being shot by cops far in the background of the frame and witnesses at the station freaking out, with one guy hauling ass out of the parking lot and another slamming his drink on the ground and charging inside the store.

Houston PD has disabled comments on this video on its official YouTube channel. Gee. Can’t imagine why.

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