Mainstream Media Openly Reporting on DC Corruption Now ‘in Plain Sight’ (Not Even Hiding) and ‘Rule of Law Is Dead’


The Washington Times just did a wrap up of the Hillary, Bill, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, email investigation scandal.

It laid out the corruption that went down on a day-by-day, easy-to-digest, crystal clear format that even an elementary school student could comprehend. At the end, reporter Lawrence J. Fedewa declared that when James Comey made his announcement about the investigation into Hillary’s email server (an announcement that ironically came on July 4th of all days), he had a chance to go down in modern American history as a Patrick Henry of our day, but he chose to sell his fellow countrymen out like traitor Benedict Arnold instead.

The headline declared the corruption was done “in plain sight”… not hiding in plain sight, but just right out in the open in plain sight of everyone and anyone paying even half attention — blatant in-your-face corruption for all of America to see:

The second feature of this unspeakably tragic event is how blatant it all was.There was not even a significant attempt to hide the corruption of this sequence of actions. The participants simply acted out their contempt for the law right there in the public square, where no one who was paying attention could miss the fact that the highest law enforcement officials of our country blithely participated in bribery, subversion of their offices, outright lies, and reinforcing the already widespread impression that there is one law for the elite and another for the rest of us.

Fedewa concluded that we as a nation can never again declare that no one is above the law, because it’s pretty obvious the Clintons are. So obvious, it was shoved in all of our faces like a pie on a Three Stooges episode.

It’s just a sad day for America when our nation’s own mainstream media outlets have news headlines which aren’t even beating around the bush anymore, just straight up announcing how blatantly corrupt the so-called “leaders” are in this country and that the rule of law is dead here.

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

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