Mysterious “Planet Nine” Might Have Caused the Orbital Tilts of all Other Planets in Our Solar System

Did you even know there might be a ninth planet in our solar system?


Via The Watchers:

Following a major discovery implying that a ninth planet may be orbiting our solar system, the scientists are investigating its possible impact on the tilted orbits observed for the other planets.

All known planets of the Solar System have their orbits in almost the same plane, but it’s interesting that the plane is approximately 6° aslope of the Sun’s rotation plane. The momentum conservation law implies such an occurrence cannot happen lightly, which has led the scientists to suspect another object may have entered the system some time ago, causing the observed tilt.

Prior to its discovery, the likely candidate to explain the spin alignment has been a passing star, or magnetic field interactions of the Sun and the disc from which the Solar System was formed in the early days.

The Planet’s Nine theoretical orbital plane differs from other Solar System planets and it may have put other planets off their axes during the early Solar System period. This would also suggest the planet doesn’t originate from our Solar System, but it may be an exoplanet captured the Sun.

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