Truly Pathetic: Dems RUNNING ADS on Craigslist for “Actors to fill empty seats” at Convention, $50 a Day to Applaud


Editor’s Note: So many people walked out of the DNC now that the Bernie-to-Hillary bait and switch has gone down, but you’ll never see it on the mainstream media. They’ll stick to close up shots, looped cheers, and now, paying people to fill seats. They wouldn’t want to show empty seats when the major speeches are released to the media, so this is the lengths they have to go to. This is how pathetic the Dems have gotten with trying to force Hillary on America. They have to pay people to clap for her. It’s like the rich snotty kid who has to pay people to be his friends. Truly pathetic.


After hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters stormed out of the Democratic National Convention, the Wells Fargo Center appeared almost empty.  The Democrats are now advertising for “Actors” who will be paid $50 a day to attend the rest of the convention to “cheer” and “wear promotional material.”

The DNC is literally trying to fill empty seats with paid actors for their national convention!

A screen shot of the Craig’s List Ad appears below:


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