Survival Buzz: Getting Started With the Pillars of Preparedness

Getting Started With the Pillars of Preparedness | Backdoor Survival

What exactly are the basics of survival?  Speaking from the heart, even I am a bit unsure these days.  Long gone are the days when a well-stocked pantry, a generous supply of clean drinking water, and bug-out bag were all you needed to be prepared.

As much as I would like to answer this question in a definitive manner, the more I know and the longer I am doing this, the more I realize the nature and scope of what we need to prepare for has changed over the years and, if anything, is far more exhaustive than I could imagine when starting in 2010.

What does one do?  Where does one start? 

Getting Started With the Pillars of Preparedness | Backdoor Survival

Today in the Buzz I am pointing you to a sampling of the articles covering survival basics that have been shared on this website.  I have loosely arranged them in sections that are commonly referred to as the “Pillars of Preparedness”. 

With over 1,300 articles published to date, this represents a very small sampling of the information I have gathered over the years.  Still, experienced or not, I hope you find this review of survival  basics useful.

Pillar #1:  Food

The Six Enemies of Food Storage

Pillar #2:  Water

Emergency Water For Preppers: Resources You Need to Know About

Pillar #3:  Medical

How to Create an Emergency Ammo Can First Aid Kit

Pillar #4:  Communication

How to Set-Up and Master Ham Radio Without Going Crazy

Pillar #5:  Security

20 Home Security and Crime Prevention Secrets for Preppers

Pillar #6: Defense

13 Steps to Prepare for Civil Unrest

Like I said, this is a mere sampling of topics that fall under the umbrella of “Survival Basics“.  Furthermore, there are many more pillars to preparedness that are not even mentioned.  Shelter, Fire, Mindset, and Planning are just a few and I am sure you can think of dozens of others.

Still, we all need to begin at the beginning and step ahead in a forward direction as best we can.  And sometimes we need to go back and start all over just to stay current.

Additional Reading:  Prepping and Survival Basics

Backdoor Survival Mail Bag & Reader Tips

I heard from long-term reader, Elaine K. recently and want to pass on her insightful suggestions for surviving if or when the SHTF.

Here are my two cents worth.

Know how to give without expecting anything in return. It teaches others to share and to have compassion. ]

Know how to work with others that are “in it for me” attitude. Identify others who do not have any regard for you, but want what you have.

Learn how to raise and use herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes. Identify weeds and know how to cook and use for medical uses.

Learn how to say: “NO!” and learn how to stand back and let someone reap results of bad decisions.

It seems to me that learning to say NO is especially important.  Thanks, Elaine!

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The Final Word

Today the Buzz is purposely short.  I am recovering from eye surgery earlier this week and have some additional medical procedures scheduled for next week. Rest is on the agenda.  I tell you this not because you need to know, but rather if you have some health or medical issues to attend to, doesn’t it make sense to take care od them now while you still have a choice in the matter?

I have purposely stayed away from the political shenanigans going on at the national conventions this week, and instead continue to focus on what I can do for myself, independent of government, military, or political interference.  I go back to the pillars of preparedness to learn and practice self-reliance to the best of my ability.

In whatever small way that you can, I hope you will do the same.  Have a great week, everyone.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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2. Place the flint on ground at about 45° and 2.5 cm from the magnesium powder scraped just now, then scrape the flint fast to produce spark so as to light up the inflammable material

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