Researchers Warning that Hackers Can Now Steal Info from Our Brains… Remotely

We have now entered a new level of cyber-reality where hackers in real life can actually data mine information from our brainwaves by reading our neural signals… using Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Now just think about this tech in the hands of the NSA…

AI brain

Via Daily Mail:

Researchers at the University of Washington say that time is running out and officials need to employ a privacy and security framework to stop those who would use our own brains against us, reports Motherboard. ‘There’s actually very little time,’ electrical engineer Howard Chizeck told Victoria Turk with Motherboard over Skype.

‘If we don’t address this quickly, it’ll be too late.’

…These cyberthieves can find out what political party you affiliate with, religious beliefs or sexual orientation – things that could one day be used to damage your reputation. ‘Broadly speaking, the problem with brain-computer interfaces is that, with most of the devices these days, when you’re picking up electric signals to control an application… the application is not only getting access to the useful piece of EEG needed to control that app; it’s also getting access to the whole EEG,’ explained Bonaci.

‘And that whole EEG signal contains rich information about us as persons.’

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