First World Whiner Calls Cops Over Wrong Drink Order: “I Specifically Wanted Lemongrass”

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You clicked. You wanted news, but instead, more confirmation of the downfall of western civilization.

While there are actual things going on in the world that even halfway matter – or even things that have some bearing on the course of our lives – we are instead confronted with this nonsense, which was perhaps the most trivial moment of this sad man’s entire life.

via RT:

In what is possibly the most British story ever, bobbies on their coffee break at the Birdie Num Nums café in the London Borough of Lewisham had to deal with a disgruntled customers complaining about being served the wrong cup of tea.

Café owner Sevjan Melissa said her staff apologized for the mix up and offered the man a full refund.

Instead, 33-year-old Roberto Lattarulo took to TripAdvisor and wrote a review describing the service as “vile.”

“Stopped for a quick tea after workout and specifically ordered Lemongrass [sic] and ginger tea, as I love lemongrass, though got served Lemon and ginger tea, Lattarulo said. “When questioned why I was mis-sold something, the waitress said she [had] run out of them yesterday, and I said fine, as I specifically wanted a tea with lemongrass, hence my request.”

After an escalation where he made an obvious point of leaving a negative review while in the store, the man was asked to leave; he in turn contacted police, who arrived on scene a bit later, as the Standard reported:

Police said it was not a matter for them, and he and his girlfriend then went to eat at a takeaway next door.

Ms. Melissa told the Standard: “I didn’t throw him out, I just asked him to leave quite politely.

“He was leaving a review over a 9p teabag and I said ‘I’m going to have to ask you to leave, you’re not using my internet to do that.’

“I thought he was leaving but he went outside and phoned the police.”

Roberto Lattarulo has been clarifying the situation on Twitter ever since:

Why the man possessed so little perspective on what is really important, and what things are worthy of calling the police over, remains unclear.

This guy is the reason people use the term “douchebag” in a derogatory manner.

Reports indicate that after receiving the wrong drink order, he looked something like this:

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