This Video Proves Hillary Has Given up Trying to Tell Even Halfway Believable Lies Now


After decades of lying, perhaps Hillary is just getting burned out. Perhaps she’s just started resorting to blurting out whatever random nonsense comes to her. Or perhaps she already knows it doesn’t matter what she says anyway because she’s untouchable, above the law.

In a CBS This Morning report on the notes the FBI made regarding the agency’s meeting with Hillary on her mishandling of classified information, this is what’s being reported:

The FBI notes also reveal that Clinton told the agents she couldn’t recall receiving any briefing or training on how to handle classified information as Secretary of State.

Oh really? Continuing —

When presented with a confidential email with the marking “C” next to the top of the paragraph, she speculated it was marked in alphabetical order, and she questioned the classification level.

The “C” on a classified document doesn’t mean “confidential” or even (if she was just guessing with common sense) “classified”, but instead, she figured it means the document is marked alphabetically?

Really? That one doesn’t even kind of make sense.

It makes none.

See for yourself… Hillary has given up on even putting effort behind her lies now:

It’s this bad now, and she’s not even president yet.

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