Hillary ‘Doesn’t Recall’ Comment About a Drone Strike Against Julian Assange, But Claims She ‘Would Have Been Joking’ if She Did


Hillary has responded to the outpouring of criticism after it was revealed that she said, “Can’t we just drone this guy?” about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange back in 2010 when she was Secretary of State.

Her response at a press conference earlier wasn’t exactly flat denial.

It was only half denial. And she made sure to refer to the comment as a “joke” (via Politico):

“I don’t recall any joke. It would have been a joke, if it had been said, but I don’t recall that.”

Sounds more like she just “can’t recall” then that she thinks she didn’t say it. Sounds like the kind of “jokes” Madam Wannabe President makes.

“Are you worried that there’s anything that could come out that would upend the race?” a reporter asked Clinton, referencing the “October surprise” that never happened. She replied, “Well, I don’t know anything about what he’s talking about,” again in reference to the drone strike comment… totally dodging the question about what new info Wikileaks might put out on her before the election.

There’s lots of things Hillary “can’t recall,” like where the $6 billion went under her tenure as Secretary of State. But from her response it sounds like she thinks its reasonable she made have made this “joke”.

It’s more than reasonable. This is someone, after all, who was caught on tape laughing it up after she heard Gaddafi had been lynched.

Jokes about drone striking whistleblowers come with the territory when you are this kind of psychotic.

The fact that we might end up with a president who jokes about drone striking their personal enemies isn’t just a modern day techno-updated version of the Roman Empire (or the Empire from Star Wars in real life) but something we have already.

Obama likes to joke about drone strikes too.

Because extrajudicial murder by remote-controlled machine is just so funny… said no one ever, except for President Obama and Wannabe President Hillary.

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