Coverup? How Did One of the OSU Terror Attack Victims Get Shot by an Attacker Armed Only with a Knife?


It’s strange to watch a mainstream media story on a possible terror attack evolve. At first they almost always report multiple suspects, then over the course of the day it changes multiple times. Stories continually get edited. No one really knows what’s going on, even once the officials decide on the “facts” (that is, unless you were personally there and saw everything with your own two eyes).

Here’s an example from the OSU attack yesterday. Because the story itself kept getting edited as the day progressed, all links shared here are archived snapshots.

At the beginning of the day yesterday, The Columbus Dispatch reported this:

The university issued an alert of an active shooter around 10 a.m. at Watts Hall at 19th Street and College. The “run, hide, fight” alert urged students to shelter in place.

Law enforcement sources said a car rammed Watts Hall about 9:40 a.m., and at least two people got out of the car. One person had a gun and another appeared to have a large knife.

By the end of the day the story had changed, and the same outlet was now reporting this:

For a time, officials believed a second suspect might have been in the Lane Avenue garage, but they searched it and found no one. They have since said there was only one suspect. Surveillance footage from cameras on campus showed the suspect’s car entering campus at Kenny Road and Woody Hayes Drive, OSU Police Chief Craig Stone said. Other cameras recorded it on Woodruff Drive and on 19th Avenue. “We could tell that the suspect was in the car by himself,” Stone said.

Why would law enforcement sources report that there was a second suspect armed with a gun if no such suspect existed and there’s even video to prove it?

Either there’s a second guy armed with a gun or there isn’t.

The final story as of today is that an Ohio State student named Abdul Razak Ali Artan from Somalia was shot and killed by University Police Officer Alan Horujko (picture above) after he used a car to ram into a group of students, then jumped out of the car and started slashing people with a knife. A total of 11 people were injured, all are expected to live.

Here’s the breakdown of injuries from the latest archived version of the same story:

Of five at Wexner, two have stab wounds, two were hit by the car and one has cuts, Thomas said. One who came later had injuries from the car.

So that’s three knife wounds and two car injuries. Continuing:

Two more went to OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, both hit by the car. One has orthopedic injuries and one a skull fracture, Thomas said. At OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, two people were treated for lacerations and one went later with injuries from the car.

Add three more car injuries and two more knife victims (lacerations could technically be from the car, but it doesn’t really matter to make the point).

Do the math. That’s ten people, not eleven. Five were apparently knife victims, and five were hit in some way by the car.

That leaves one more person the media isn’t exactly talking about, but The Dispatch briefly mentioned:

One woman was transported to a hospital by a Columbus fire medic with a gunshot wound to her foot, Fire Chief Kevin O’Connor said. Officials haven’t yet said how that happened, but the woman told medics she was running from the incident and called for help after reaching a safe place.

So now the media is claiming eleven people were hurt by a single terrorist armed with a car and a knife — no gun. All over the media today it’s “11 victims of terror” etc.


But it was ten victims. The suspected terrorist didn’t shoot anybody. He didn’t have a gun.

So who shot that woman?

The only source to mention reports of a second suspect possibly armed with a gun is an unnamed “law enforcement source” which was later recanted when the cops admitted video only showed the one suspect in the car and no one else.

That only leaves the cops. Are police covering up the fact that the officer who shot and killed the suspect also shot an innocent bystander fleeing the scene?

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