The Past Coming Back to Haunt Us: Trump and Pence Just Met with “Potatoe” Dan Quayle


Former vice president Dan Quayle, who basically had to run off and hide in shame after George H. W. Bush lost reelection (that, and because during the 1992 campaign he infamously incorrectly “corrected” a sixth grader’s spelling of the word “potato” to “potatoe”… see video below), is back.

Wow. Dan Quayle. Really?


The press didn’t even recognize him at first.


Circus indeed. Twitchy was asking if Trump was actually considering Quayle-tatoe for a cabinet position. No one knows for sure, but he was definitely spotted at Trump tower meeting with Trump’s transition team today.

Hm. If Dan Quayle is tapped, what department would Trump stick him in? Do they have one where a government representative just hands over a bag of money to major corporations? That would probably be a good fit for Quayle.

It’s like Trump is collecting Republican losers of American government bullshittery fame. Names getting tossed out there include 9/11 war criminal Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Mitt Romney, and David Petraeus just to name a few, and that’s on top of assorted Goldman Sachs bankers like Steven Mnuchin and a bag full of lobbyists. Newt Gingrich is apparently going to have his own new position in the Trump White House of “chief planner”:

“I just want a letter from the president that says I can look at any office and any program and offer advice directly to the president,” he said, first describing the position in an interview last month. Asked what authority he’d operate under, [Gingrich] said, “The letter from the president. You don’t need much more than that.”

Sounds… powerful.

Well, if Quayle is back, we must mark this occasion with a song.

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