Chinese Astronaut Heard Strange, Unexplained Knocking Sounds on His Ship While in Space


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Here’s another one for the weird space news category…

Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei claims he experienced eerie knocking sounds on his Shenzhen 5 spaceship during his first space flight that have never been explained.

He compared the random noise to the sound produced by hitting a bucket with a hammer.

“It neither came from outside nor inside the spaceship, but sounded like someone is knocking the body of the spaceship just as knocking an iron bucket with a wooden hammer,” Yang said.

Obviously the sound made him quite nervous, but when Yang looked out the porthole in an attempt to locate the source of the sound, he could see nothing out of the ordinary that would explain the noise.

Yang isn’t alone. Chinese media reports that astronauts piloting both Shenzhen 6 and 7 ships also heard the mysterious sound. Technicians could never locate the cause.

This isn’t the first time astronauts have reported hearing weird sounds in space. In a recent Science Channel documentary it was revealed that astronauts on the Apollo 10 mission reported hearing eerie music when they traveled around the far side of the moon when they were out of contact with Mission Control.

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